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Re: Sendmail - Connection rate limit exceeded.

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005, nx13441a wrote:

> I'm using sendmail 8.13.3-9
> I'm getting:
> Mar 16 09:41:16 xxxxxxxx sm-mta[16412]: ruleset=check_relay, arg1=relay6.xxx.xxxx.xx, arg2=21x.5x.xxx.xx, relay=relay6.xxx.xx.xx [21x.xx.xxx.xx], reject=421 4.3.2 Connection rate limit exceeded.
> My sendmail.mc:
> define(`confCONNECTION_RATE_WINDOW_SIZE', `45m')dnl

You set the window size, but did you set the actual limit ?

You can use something like this in /etc/mail/access:
# Local boxen
Srv_Features:127        LC
Connect:127             RELAY
GreetPause:127          0
ClientRate:127          0
ClientConn:127          0
# Defaults settings
GreetPause:             650
ClientRate:             30
ClientConn:             15

Rick Nelson
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