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problem with X Windows

I'm installing Linux for the first time.  I used the
netinst, with the desktop package in tasksel. 
Everything seemed to go fine.

There didn't seem to be any X Window system installed,
though, so I started doing apt-get x-window-system,
apt-get x-window-system-core, and a few others (and I
think this is where I went wrong...).

Anyway, now I get the graphical login, but after that
I just see the default X Win "desktop" pattern and the
"X" cursor.  I can get a few menus by clicking the
left button and both buttons, but if I move the mouse,
the menu disappears, and I can't select anything.

That's about it - I can't get it to do anything else.

Control-alt-backspace does kill the xserver, but it
just sends me back to the graphical login.

1.) How do I get back to the text prompt so I can do
something again?
2.) How should I have installed things so that I don't
have this problem again?


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