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Problem installing debian: dhcp fails


Yesterday I tried to install the latest stable Debian to my old PC.
Because it has no bootable cd drives, I thought that easiest way would be
downloading the floppy images and doing a network installation after that.

First I tried to install with the smallest disk set (idepci) and then
using the compact version, but neither of them found my SMC NIC. The card
was found when I used the 4 disk driver set (there was a tulip driver).

But: when I tried to configure the network, the installer tries to get the
IP address via DHCP from my ISP, but fails every time. The DHCP server is
functioning correctly, because my 2 windows's work just fine.

My friend guessed that my ISP's DHCP might be so slow that the installer
fails because of a timeout every time.

What could I do to fix this? Am I forced to download the whole debian cd
image and install the system using that, and try to get the network
working later? Or is there some tuning I could do in the installer?

Best rgds,

-- VMM

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