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New to Linux and a stupid problem, after a net install of the Sid distro of Debian in my office using my office's lan network (ssssh) I found that I cannot make a connection to the internet at home where I used to make a connection using 'pon dsl-provider' before.

Running pppoeconf finds a network card when in the dialogue a sentence appears that says IRQ #233 is stopped (never saw that before, don't know the reason). On the question if I want to use eth0 I press yes and pppoeconf starts to 'concentrate bla bla on access bla bla' but than tells me that it can not configure the network card.

What should I change in /etc/ network, interfaces, hosts, resolve.conf, more (?) to make my 'pon dsl-provider' work again? Maybe somebody with a dsl connection can post a copy of his/her network config, thanks in advance.

With best regards, Sander

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