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Re: Openoffice 1.9.79 (2.0 beta rc) for Debian

John van Spaandonk wrote:
As I posted to this list a week ago, look at

And download the latest relese (Pavel is at m84) currently.
He supports deb in lots of languages.
And be sure to report errors at openoffice.
I know of one: the fonts in the menus are much to big.
To see what I mean look at http://www.van-spaandonk.nl/Openoffice.org/Openoffice fonts too large.png

sorry if you get this multiple times but I was sure I had replied but nothing comes up onth elist :(

Thank you. Your hint worked very well.

I was i a deadlock situation since I have concluded that if you open a 2.0 beta presentation with Debian's 1.1.3, edit and save, the file gets corrupted and cannot be opened again (in 1.1.3).

So I am using your 2.0 beta packages to edit the file.

I still have to use 1.1.3 to SHOW the impress presentation since all fonts in the 2.0 beta look very very bad !!!

Known fixes for that ?


PS The default for those packages in Czech ! Had to install the en langpack :)

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