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Re: minicom: how to send control -c to remote machin

On Monday 07 March 2005 12:28 pm, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

> $ stty intr ^C
worked like a charm, Thank YOU!!!

> (depending on the system, you might need to type ^ and C as 2 chars,
>  or use Control-V Control-C to enter ^C as a literal char).
> >I trid to set my TERM to vt100, but that doesnt seem to affect it.
> >What can I do next?
> Well TERM=vt100 alone won't do much, you could try

> $ TERM=vt100
> $ export TERM
> $ tset
i had tried export TERM=vt102 without success.  
> But the real problem is probably the getty process running on the
> serial line not initializing the terminal correctly.
yes I agree. I need to learn more about how mgetty does that to reset the 

as of now stty intr ^c is cool!
> Mike.
Thank you,

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