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Re: apt-get tip

> Because apt-get uncontroled can scroll stuff off the screen llike 
> recommended programs and suggested programs I found the best way to run it 
> is to do somethiing like the following as an example command.  When you 
> get to where it says end, you can hit control-c then hit q to drop back to 
> the debian prompt.  This command is used to iteratively scope and select 
> packages.  When you're finally finished (that's when you've successfully 
> selected everything in suggested programs and recommended programs you 
> want, then you hit the up-arrow one more time and backspace about 6 times. 
> To select more packages hit the up-arrow once; backspace about 6 times and 
> key in the next package you want followed by a space aand then finish up 
> the command:  As an example you could try:
> apt-get -q installl mimedefang graphdefang | less <cr>

I tend to use 

apt-get --no-act upgrade

a lot, and its output can be piped to less without fear that something
might break while configuring.  It also pipes to 'head -20' pretty well.

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