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Re: Using fvwm-themes with Debian Sarge

--- Felix Karpfen <felixk@webone.com.au> wrote:
> There are problems in using "fvwm2+fvwm-themes" (because fvwm-themes
> uses its own "fvwm2rc" file).  I can point to that file quite easily
> from the console.  But, to get there I have to disable gdm, kdm, xdm
> and any other XWindows login manager that Sarge appears to select by
> default.

Almost.  At least, all you would have to do, is ensure that gdm or
whatever display manager you might want to use, honours the use of
~/.xsession, such that you can then have an entry in there such as:

exec fvwm-themes-start

Of course, if GDM is still as brain-dead as to not read that file, I seem
to recall you had to tell it to explicitly read it at one time.  The other
option is to edit GDM's config and add fvwm-themes as a valid window
manager to use.  Of course, all fvwm-themes-start is really doing is
something along the lines of:

fvwm -f ~/.fvwm/themesrc

or whatever the filename is -- I forget, since I haven't used fvwm-themes
in a while now.

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