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Re: FAT32 vs NTFS

At 12:13 PM 3/2/2005, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> 1. Use ext3 on the firewire drive, and lose the ability to plug it into a
> windows computer.
> 2. Stick with fat32 but abandon rsync and go with something involving tar.
> 3. Use two different firewire drives, one with fat32 for windows backups
> and one with ext3 for linux backups.

What about backing up the Linux files to a zip archive of some type? That way
the filenames will remain the same internally.  It won't help when those same
files are extracted for Windows, but it might be easier to create a
work-around, and the Linux filenames will stay the same for Linux use.

Well, I want to avoid the tar or zip step for a couple of reasons. One is that with rsync on the individual files, I can freshen the backup in a matter of a couple of minutes and with no effort. The other is just that I like the idea of being able to browse easily through the files on the backup device, instead of having to open up archive files.

But actually, when I stepped away from the computer and had a chance to think, I came up with option 3b: put two partitions onto the one firewire drive, one fat32 and one ext3, and put the windows backups onto the fat32 and the linux ones onto the ext3. So I'm liking that idea.

If I repartition the external drive, and put the fat32 partition first, then windows will just ignore the ext3 partition, right? I'm about to find out.


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