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kompiling kernel 2.6

Hi all
I've just got a laptop,ibmx30, and have problem compiling kernel.
The only way to install is from usb cd or floppy, I downloaded the sarge
cd 1 and this recognized the usbcd so I was able to install. The chosen
image was

Now everything is working fine, exept from the wlan. It's a cisco aeronet
802.11b adapter integrated.

I have googled around and it seams like I'm not able to use it unless I
compile some stuff, like linux-wlan-ng og someting to the kernel. Problem
is no that I'm not able to boot into the compiled 2.6.8 kernel, get
"kernel panic".

I have tryed ordinary compiling like make mrproper, menuconfig, dep,
bzimage, modules, modules_install, install and I have also tryed what I
like best with the make-kpkg and creating dep package and installed, this
also failed during boot. The last also does not create the modules. It
crreates the folder in /lib/modules but gives a lot of errors about
"unresolved symboles.....".

What is the prper way to compile kernel theese days, can i use my current
config and compile a new 2.6.x kernel?


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