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GRUB or Lilo to boot Debian and OS/2


I tried installing the latest Debian Sarge Linux from DVD and it 
went smoothly until the point where to install the boot loader to 
harddrive or floppy. As I am a newbie to Grub and Lilo I am wondering 
if I can do the following and how:
- existing system is 2 hard disk drives SCSI ID 0 and ID 3
- boot loader exists on /dev/sda MBR, it is the IBM Bootmanager
- now installed a new drive at SCSI ID 1
- Debian installed to one big partition / and /swap on /dev/sdb

Now if I want to keep the IBM Bootmanager where should I put Grub 
or Lilo? I tried root partition but IBM bootmanager did not recognize 
the new system at all.
If I want to change to Lilo or Grub and am willing to install it 
into MBR of /dev/sda, how can I see if it shows my OS/2 or Bootmanager 
in the list of choice?
Is it possible to see the options of Lilo or Grub beforehand the 
installation, i.e. in a new login window (ctrl-alt-fX)?

I quickly tried to install SuSE 9.2 Professional and it showed that 
it wants to install Grub into MBR of SCSI ID 0 with the option "IBM 
Bootmanager", I did not finalise the installation, so I do not know 
if it had worked but at least it showed all options of boot loader 
Grub which is a very nice thing and it detected my one and only OS 
on the system.

regards - Jörg

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