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Re: How long 'till Sarge->Stable?

Toshiro wrote:
Roughly how long (In years maybe :-P) is it expected to be before Sarge
replaces Woody as 'stable?'


It's real a shame! The distro will be obsolete before it's even released! It's very difficult to convince a new user to use sarge that way.


Nobody answered the question?  Could that be part of the problem?

I wonder if the debian folk have made the system to easy to apt-upgrade
so many feel no need to upgrade/install to a new real release.

I would love to see a mandate for bi-annual (or at least annual) releases
no matter what.  If the installer isn't ready use the old one.  If an
architecture isn't ready they'll just have to shoot for the next release date.
A deadline is a time tested motivator.  I always seem to get smarter and more
efficient as the deadline approaches!

Would money help achieve this goal?   Payed/professional release developers?

Henry Hollenberg

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