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help on-line radio (mozilla real plugin)

Hi all,

few mounths ago I asked to you how to set mozilla plugins such to be able to
listen on-line radio. You've been very helpful, but now I've found a new
wanderful radio which I cannot play :-(


In windows is working with realplayer. I've got realplayer10 and gxine.
Normaly real files are played by the xine mozilla plugin, but in this
case nothing happens: in the place where you're supposed to see the
volume, play slider, etc. (of course I don't care about them) I can see
two dark grey bars and silence from my speakers.

I know out there is full of expert in audio formats etc. Is there anyone
who can help me to listen my jazz radio on debian?

it follows my "about plugin" page of mozilla.


Installed plug-ins
Find more information about browser plug-ins at Netscape.com.
Help for installing plug-ins is available from plugindoc.mozdev.org.
Default Plugin

    File name: libnullplugin.so
    The default plugin handles plugin data for mimetypes and extensions that are not specified and facilitates downloading of new plugins.

MIME Type   Description     Suffixes    Enabled
*   All types   .*  Yes
gxine starter plugin

    File name: gxineplugin.so
    will start external gxine media player for embedded media streams

MIME Type   Description     Suffixes    Enabled
video/mpeg  MPEG animation  mpeg, mpg, mpe  Yes
video/x-mpeg    MPEG animation  mpeg, mpg, mpe  Yes
audio/mpeg2     MPEG audio  mp2     Yes
audio/x-mpeg2   MPEG audio  mp2     Yes
audio/mpeg3     MPEG audio  mp3     Yes
audio/x-mpeg3   MPEG audio  mp3     Yes
audio/mpeg  MPEG audio  mpa,abs,mpega   Yes
audio/x-mpeg    MPEG audio  mpa,abs,mpega   Yes
video/quicktime     Quicktime animation     mov,qt  Yes
video/x-quicktime   Quicktime animation     mov,qt  Yes
video/msvideo   AVI animation   avi     Yes
video/x-msvideo     AVI animation   avi     Yes
application/x-mplayer2  mplayer2    asf,asx,asp     Yes
video/x-ms-asf-plugin   mms animation   asf,asx,asp     Yes
audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin     Real audio  rpm     Yes
audio/x-ogg     OGG Media   ogg,ogm     Yes
audio/x-scpls   MPEG audio  pls     Yes
Helix DNA Plugin: RealPlayer G2 Plug-In Compatible

    File name: nphelix.so
    Helix DNA Plugin: RealPlayer G2 Plug-In Compatible version built with gcc 3.2.0 on Dec 14 2004

MIME Type   Description     Suffixes    Enabled
audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin     RealPlayer Plugin Metafile  rpm     Yes
Shockwave Flash

    File name: libflashplayer.so
    Shockwave Flash 7.0 r25

MIME Type   Description     Suffixes    Enabled
application/x-shockwave-flash   Shockwave Flash     swf     Yes
application/futuresplash    FutureSplash Player     spl     Yes
Java(TM) Plug-in 1.5.0-b64

    File name: libjavaplugin_oji.so
    Java(TM) Plug-in 1.5.0

MIME Type   Description     Suffixes    Enabled
application/x-java-vm   Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet   Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.1   Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.1.1     Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.1.2     Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.1.3     Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.2   Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.2.1     Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.2.2     Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.3   Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.3.1     Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.4   Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.4.1     Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.4.2     Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;version=1.5   Java        Yes
application/x-java-applet;jpi-version=1.5   Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean     Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.1     Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.1.1   Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.1.2   Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.1.3   Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.2     Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.2.1   Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.2.2   Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.3     Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.3.1   Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.4     Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.4.1   Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.4.2   Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;version=1.5     Java        Yes
application/x-java-bean;jpi-version=1.5     Java        Yes

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