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Re: Printing from thunderbird/firefox

Michael Friendly wrote:
I'm using gnome 2.8/debian unstable with the latest firefox and thunderbird. When I try to print, the default printer in my
printer panel is 'lex720@:64' and using it prints tiny (1/4 size)
pages one up.

using about:config reveals:

print.printer_lex720@:64.print_command user set string lpr ${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME:+'-P}$MOZ_PRINTER_NAME}

What can I do or change so that printing works correctly? With
mozilla, there was the same printer entry, with the same behavior,
but there was also a 'Postscript default' printer that had the
correct behavior.

Are you using KDE?  If so try changing the print command to kprinter
--stdin which will then run the KDE Printing dialog instead of using
the settings from Firefox...

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