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Re: [Maybe OT]WINE related question

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Bob Alexander schrieb:
| Using the latest WINE package from sid.
| I have my NTFS XP partition mounted as r/o.
| I am delighted in discovering that MANY applications I find under
| /winxp/programs/*.exe actually work !!! :)
| When they don't most times it is only because they need some shared DLL
| (which usually lives in /winxp/windows/system*). If I copy the DLL's to
| the *.exe directory they work.
| So my question is, in my setting, how do I define that WINE should add
| the /winxp/windows/system directory to it's "PATH" ?????
| Sorry for the super-wine-newbie question :)
| Bob

Although it is *strongly discouraged* to run programs off a native
windows install in wine, especially if they are residing on a NTFS
partition, you be your own judge here.

Just append the appropriate line to your wine config, which is usually
$HOME/.wine/config like so:

OLD entry reads e.g.:
"Path" = "C:\\Windows;C:\\Windows\\System32;X:\\;X:\\test;Y:\\"

NEW entry should read e.g.:
"Path" =

as you can see in my case the root filesystem is configured as drive Z:
on my system. This is the default behaviour when wine is initially
configured by winesetup (The codeweavers script).

Greetz, Roman.
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