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Re: SARGE compatible Gigabit Ethernet adapter/card

Thanks Justin: 

What gets me - is - how do you know a card is compatible before buying?

I've got a SARGE installation, with a "2.6.8-2-686" kernel installed. 
If I do modconf, and look for modules to load - if I were to buy an
Intel card, and I can't see anything remotely looking like an Intel

I'm looking in: kernel/drivers/net module.

So - if I can't find anything looking like Intel support, how would
Sarge just support such a network card?

Thanks Jim.

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 08:59:42 -0500, Justin Piszcz
<jpiszcz@servervault.com> wrote:
> I would recommend Intel Gigabit NICs.
> I have 2 in older Dell machines and on my two A-Bit boxes I have Intel
> Gigabit CSA NICs.  They work great, 1000mbps full duplex, never have any
> issues with them.
> Sarge detected them without an issue!
> Intel and Linux have a good history together and Intel's drivers reflect
> that, I would choose no other than Intel for gigabit.
> Justin.
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> From: jim biri [mailto:jim.biri@gmail.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 8:50 AM
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> Subject: SARGE compatible Gigabit Ethernet adapter/card
> Hi,
> Anyone recommend a SARGE compatible Gigabit Ethernet adapter/card?
> Any makes from brandnames such as:
> - D-Link
> - NetGear
> - Belkin
> would be handy.
> Thanks, Jim.
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