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Re: KDE, GNOME, too intrusive for me !! Any alternatives ?

%% Bob Alexander <bob@ngi.it> writes:

  ba> I want a window manager which does only the window manager and
  ba> then I want to choose the applications I want to do what I want.

What I do is have a Gnome desktop (because I like a lot of the apps),
but I turn off Nautilus and I use FVWM as my WM.  Having used FVWM for
years I just can't bring myself to "drop down" to one of these really
anemic WMs that seem to come with desktop environments these days.  FVWM
manages my root window, menus, keybindings, etc. plus I have a powerful
set of buttons (I do a lot of logging into remote systems with special
environments, etc.)

I use the Gnome panel for a desktop chooser (not as powerful as I'd
like, but it's usable), plus things like sound control, dictionary,
apps launcher, etc.

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