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Re: Print dialogs without CUPS

Alban Browaeys <browaeys.alban@wanadoo.fr> wrote in message news:<3xd9K-6e9-5@gated-at.bofh.it>...
> Le Fri, 11 Feb 2005 12:23:47 -0800, Ben Mulvihill a écrit :
> > After updating to Gnome 2.8 and the latest Epiphany, Firefox and
> > Abiword packages I see the print dialog has changed. I now
> > get entries like lp@:64 and no custom option. It
> > looks as though Gnome applications now expect to have CUPS installed. Is
> > this the case, or can I continue to use my old setup, and if so how?
> this syntax lp@:64 is teh one from xprint ... very few programs support
> them currently , so not much should have been affected. Removing the
> xprint package (and maybe restarting X) should get you back to your usual
> look and feel.
> xprint is part of upcoming xfree86 technology and comes from mozilla.
> It attempts to avoid having a specific manager for kde, one for gnome ... .
> You can deinstall it and reinstall it without harm to your current
> configurations.
> Cheers
> Alban

Thanks to both of you for letting me know the lp@:64 syntax comes from
xprint not CUPS. The package x-window-system depends on xprt-xprintorg
so rather than uninstalling and reinstalling xprint I decided to try
to get it working instead. I now have printing working successfully
via xprint from Firefox but not yet from Epiphany. With Epiphany
I get an error message saying my printer does not support the 
selected paper size. (I have an HP DeskJet 320 and selected A4,
which is the paper size it takes.)

Just for the record, my initial post was not quite accurate. The
lp@:64 entries do not of course appear in the Abiword print dialog.


Ben Mulvihill

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