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Re: Best groupware

Peter Sebastian Masny wrote:

What are your opinions on the best groupware software out there. I've looked into phpgroupware, egroupware, opengroupware, horde, and a few others. Even with the demos, it's hard to get a feel for which ones work well and which aren't quite there yet. Also, some have normal apt sources and others have outside deb sources...

For my purposes, one of the main uses would be a filemanager functionality that would allow for user and "common" access to the files on the fileserver (same machine). Scheduling and other functionality may or may not be used.

Does anyway have a good feel for which software suite might best suit my needs?

Thank you very much in advance...

Peter Sebastian Masny

You are light on defining needs. Based on what you listed install the first one you find it will provide basic file management and group calendaring. As an off-the-top-of-my head list of follow-up question: In the file manager are you looking for content-based search, categories, flexible ACL, drag&drop, retention cycles & version management? On Scheduling are you looking for common/shared/delegated calendars, integration with PDA, synchronization with off-line calendar, public calendars, alerts/reminders, invitations, alternative times, attachments to calendar? How many clients, do they have a simple group structure or overlapping groups? Do you need integration between modules? Do you need off-line use?

Best regards Dave

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