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mailman 2.1 on stable

Hello debian users,

I tried to find help on this problem through the archives and through 
google but I didnt' find anything useful.

I'm trying to install mailman 2.1 on a stable box so that I can use the 
multi-lingual support. I've added the backport source in sources.list:
deb http://www.backports.org/debian/ woody mailman

but when I "apt-get install mailman" after updating the cache,
I get this:
Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
  mailman: Depends: logrotate but it is not going to be installed
  E: Sorry, broken packages

However, logrotate IS installed:
bozo:/# dpkg -l logrotate
ii  logrotate      3.5.9-8        Log rotation utility

I've tried removing the previous mailman version but it doesn't help.
I've also tried to find a more recent logrotate version but none is
available on backports, apt-get.org nor dotdeb.org. Actually apt-get.org
has it but I can't get it alone. And I don't think it would fix the
problem anyway.

Anyone has an idea of what I could try next, before attempting to compile it ?
If there's a backport version, I assume it must work somehow without
having to recompile it...

Thanks for your help.

Isabeau Bergeron

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