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RE: Sendmail, multithreading


Interesting, thanks for the info! threads v processes on Linux. It Makes
an interesting counter to the argument that Linux cannot do
multi-threading as well as Solaris/AIX so its crap. When in fact from
what you are saying it is immaterial. Given some performance figures I
have seen that show Solaris is very bad a single threads, it suggests
marketing and FUD are out in force!

We have soft limits on actual processes so there is a big difference on
running multi-threaded with 100 soft-limit and 6~8 actual and single
threaded with a 100 limit and 30~60 actual. 

Normally the limit is not an issue but a email delivery spike means we
stop accepting mail for that duration. With multi-threaded it takes that
bit longer to reach that limit. 

Which makes me wonder why Sophos are so fixated on the calculation 4gig
of ram / 40 when it looks like this calc only really applies to single
threading....(I guess)



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>Anybody have knowledge of running Sendmail on Xeon's? (Dell 2850)
>On advice of Sophos I turned on multithreading for the anti-spam
>this took the number of processes from 29 to 6....so it seems way more

Well under Linux, threads and processes are mostly equal.

>The sendmail processes are still 30~60 however. I am just wondering if
>sendmail has a similar tweak.....

There's probably not much different between 6 processes with
5 threads each or 30 processes, if they do the same work. It's
just that "ps" shows a few less processes.

That being said, AFAIK sendmail is not multithreaded. It wouldn't
be very useful anyway.


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