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Re: using debian sarge installation cd as a rescue disk

Apparently, _Steven Jones_, on 14/02/05 13:44,typed:
You should be able to boot into the Debian setup on the hd and run grub
and reset it up.



I tried that once. Couldn't see where to go from all the menu options of the CD. I also tried to look for instructions that would just explain this (afterall, this procedure should quite fixed with Sarge installation CD). Now that was a while ago and I wasn't that familiar with Debian as I am now. But I do recall the installation CD did not make it obvious what to do or I was quite frantic to make it work and missed something, but after an hour or so I ended up reinstalling the whole Sarge without touching the home directory. Bad option, really unclean solution. Hence my question: are there any clear cut instructions we can find someplace on how to use the installation CD for this purpose?

BTW, since that nightmare, I always always make a grub floppy and keep it safe. Has helped me quite a bit once or twice since.


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