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Re: amd64 processor. do i use 386 kernel or kernel-image-2.6.10-1-k7 or kernel-image-2.6.10-1-k7-smp

On Sun, Feb 13, 2005 at 09:35:28AM -0500, Mitchell Laks wrote:
> I want to install debian on a machine with a amd64 3000+ processor (asus k8v-x 
> motherboard). which kernel-image is appropriate for it? 

Last time i tried running a nativ amd64 kernel, a few things didn't work
using a 32bit userland. Specifically, dri and iptables (they lacked
32<->64 translators). I haven't tried in months, though, so the situation
might be better now.

Tom Vier <tmv@comcast.net>
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