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Re: Mozilla and Galeon crashing on startup

Petri Varsa wrote:

I am running Debian stable and I did a dist-upgrade on Friday.  (This
was my first dist-upgrade in over a month.)  Galeon crashed when I was
using it shortly thereafter and now it won't start at all.  Mozilla is
also foobar.  Both browsers seg fault on start up.

I have deleted my .galeon folder, and that didn't help.  I also
removed the galeon package and reinstalled it.  That also didn't help.

Any ideas?



I had a similar problem with mozilla-thunderbird. After upgrading from something like version 0.6 to 1.0 there was no chance to get thunderbird to work, even when I deleted all preferences completely in ~/.mozilla-thunderbird. I was wondering where else could be installation specific configuration files because I found no hint in 'google' that someone else had this problem.

Finally I got it to work because I removed all mozilla related packages with dpkg --purge, which also cleared everything in /etc/...
So conclusion was: The error was caused by incompatibilities between mozilla-thunderbird configuration file versions in /etc/..

Maybe that helps.


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