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Re: ext3 error on boot

On Mon, 2005-02-14 at 09:43 +1100, Blake Swadling wrote:
> I have a system at a clients site overseas (arent they always :( ) that

Of course! :-P

> wont boot due to a corrupt file system, the error it reports is listed
> below
> If anyone could offer any advice on how to get he system back I would be
> grateful
> Cheers
> Blake
> //----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ext3 fs error(devicehda2)ext3-get-inode-loc: unable to read inode block
> ode:1201163,  2424852 hda:dma_intr:error=0x40 (uncorrectable
> error),lbasect
> =19607662,high=1,2830446,sector=19607661
> Checking root file systems
> /contains a file system with errors,check forced.
> --------goes till 17.7% and hangs and reboots after some time and goes
> into the same cycle.
> //----------------------------------------------------------------------

Looks like a major hardware problem.  Could you guide them through using
Knoppix on it?

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
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