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Re: 64 bits questions...

--- Manu <seatmanu@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I have a few questions . I am thinking to buy an ACER
> ferrari laptop/notebook.
> I have seen an unofficial debian version of AMD64..

Nope, what you have seen is a project to port debian to the 64 bit architecture!!! Check

> but not all packages are 64bits yet.. So looks like I
> will
> have to run a mixed version 32/64bits

Yes. If you install the 64 bit debian you will (most likely using chroot). 
I also have a 64 bit processor, but I didn't feel like figuring out how to run a mixed system, so
I stuck with the 32 bit kernel / debian.
> Now my questions: 
> can I just run a 32 bits for now on it? 

Of course!

> is there gonna be a different version of 64 bits for
> intel 64 and AMD 64? 

Hmmm, check harware review sites for info on this. But till now, Intel has not released any 64 bit
processors. So can't tell!

> When will the AMD 64 become official?

It is already official, the processor is already on the market isn't it? :D . Or are you talking
about the project to port debian to the 64 arch.? Check their site. Also, check this list's
archives. This issue was brought up a few days ago.


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