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Re: webmin gives 403 error

Hi Felix,
if I remember well, then webmin's default is configured to allow only access from localhost - sorry no idea in which config file to change that, but try to login directly from the comp where you have installed it and change this security setting there in webmin directly Had the same problem and had to use lynx in a console window, cause I have no graphical GUI installed on the server.

UPS - sorry felix for send it to you directly the first time, should wath the adress fields better

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 12:48:51 +0100
 Felix Laate <felix@enternett.no> wrote:
Hi all!

I've installed webmin (and som 15 webmin-* modules) via apt-get. When I go
to https://mydomain.com:10000 I get the SSL-certficate question (as I
should). But then (after answering "yes") I get a 403 error "Error - Access
denied for _my_IP_".

I looked in hosts.deny, but there is no rule there that could inflict this.
I looked at the programfiles (located in /usr/share/webmin) and they seem to
have correct permissions.

Any adice would make day!


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