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Re: sata disks support

What release and version of the installer are you using?
What method are you using to install?

It's a kludge, but you could always mount the floppy manually and try
loading the module from disk.

What type of sata controller do you have?  Is it onboard? if so, tell
us about the motherboard, model and chipsets.

It would help if you had full lspci output regarding the device (don't
include sections about your video board, Ethernet controller and other
nonsense, unless you don't know).  If lspci isn't available on the
installer, try a live boot cd of some kind. (and save all the outputs
to floppy)

Good luck,

Scott Edwards
Daxal Communications - http://www.daxal.com

On Sun, 6 Feb 2005 17:26:36 -0300, Boya <boyaton@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi! I´m Santiago from Argentina...
> Its the frst time I try to install debian on this computer and I had
> the following problem:
> My computer disk is SATA, so the installation obviously dosent
> recognise it, but afterwards I found an option that said something
> like "load special modules for your hard disk", i found out about
> those modules... I downloaded the file and put it on a diskette as
> instructions said... and when I tried to load those modules a message
> said: "plaease choose your module" or something like that... and there
> was only a square in wich you coulden´t write and a cancell button...
> :S
> if somebody had this problem and could solve it or knows how to solve
> it please reply :D
> Thanks for your time... Santiago

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