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Re: ALSA with Multiple Sound Cards

On Sat, 05 Feb 2005 02:20:10 +0100, Adam Porter wrote:
> I spent quite some time yesterday looking for information on how to set 
> the default card in ALSA.

The real solution is for applications to refer to sound cards by I.D.
rather than by index number.  However, I realize that this does not help
you today.

> I found a way that is supposed to do it, 
> setting some things in /etc/asound.conf and/or ~/.asoundrc (I think 
> that's the second one).
> However, neither of these files seem to exist in Debian.

You have to create these files yourself.  Look in
/usr/share/doc/libasound2/examples/.  See also the wishlist bug reports
filed against libasound2.

Thomas Hood

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