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Re: Xsession.d filename

On Sat, Feb 05, 2005 at 02:55:39PM +0800, Jianan wrote:
> Hi,
> those files in /etc/X11/Xsession.d have a number in front of them e.g. 
> 30xfree.., 45xfree..., 90xfree, etc. What is the significance of those 
> numbers?

Hi Jianan,
a common characteristic of ínitialization scripts (init.d and the like)
is the use of letter and number prefixes to dictate which files to run
and in what order. In /etc/rc2.d/, it contains:
K20apache	  K20inetd	K20kdm		   K20lpd
K20mono-xsp	  K20netatalk	K20nethack-common  K20rsync
K20samba	  K20slpd	K20ssh		   K20usermin
K20webmin	  K20xdm	K20xfs		   K20xprint
S10sysklogd	  S11klogd	S14ppp		   S18portmap
S19spamassassin   S20alsa	S20autofs	   S20binfmt-support
S20cupsys	  S20dbus-1	S20exim4	   S20fam
S20festival	  S20ifplugd	S20iptables	   S20makedev
S20mdnsresponder  S20mysql	S20pppstatus	   S20privoxy
S20sslwrap	  S20sysstat	S20timidity	   S20xdebconfigurator
S21aumix	  S21sendmail	S23ntp-server	   S89atd
S89cron		  S99dddclient	S99fetchmail	   S99rmnologin
S99stop-bootlogd  S99wdm
the S prefix means 'start this' on rc2.d (runlevel 2)
the K prefix means 'kill this' on rc2.d (runlevel 2)
the middle numbers indicate the order to run the scripts.
So, K20apache is run before K20inetd and so on.
Similarly, the X session directory (Xsession.d) contains scripts to run.
So, 30xfree is run before 45xfree and so forth.
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