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Re: kernel? 2.4.x vs 2.6.x

--On Thursday, February 03, 2005 21:54 -0600 "Colin J. Ingram" <cjingram@wisc.edu> wrote:

I actually made a mistake with that comment.  I actually used jigdo.  It
was 2-3 times slower then fetching the images directly.  In any case, if
the point is to relieve stress on Debian servers/mirrors then why should
I have to share files in order to get a fast download.  Especially for
those who are only trying to get the Debian images for installation.  I
had no other for bittorrent(or jigdo for that matter) but I used the
later of them because I thought it was a good idea.  However, in
practice it didn't work out to well.  I guess my point is: if Debian
wants people to use alternative means of downloading images, those means
should be as easy and as fast as downloading the images directly through

jigdo is a direct download. jigdo is nothing at all like bittorrent. jigdo retrieves the parts and assembles an image based off a template. this way the mirrors don't have to carry gigs and gigs of extra, redundant, data. also when you go to build a new release, you can feed the files from your old release to jigdo, and it can re-use them (off CD even) where they match. it can, and does, often improve the time ti takes. however, bittorrent is still usually faster.

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