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Re: Gnome

Manu wrote:
--- Matt Barry <muramas@cyberdiscordia.org> wrote:

Ron Johnson wrote:

On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 23:02 +0530, Deepak, R.
I am trying Gnome again (after three years with
Ion). Version is 2.8 .
1. What is the window manager? Previously, I
remember using Sawfish and Metacity.
          Can I change the window manager?
Don't think so.

IIRC, you can still change it using gconf-editor
(key under /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager).

Or you can use   update-alternatives
/etc/alternatives/x-window-manager  .. There is
actually a GUI version called galternatives if you don
t want to type...

You can change a lot things this way an cleanly (mouse
cursor, window manager, themes....)

this is pretty dangerous to use to change default WMs, the problem is that even though the manually set alternative should never be reset it is reset to whatever the default is and then when you restart your WM your X session exits.

(I filed a bug and discussed it before but it never lead to anything, it might have been fixed in the meantime though)


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