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Re: Anyone with a long memory?

Once upon a time Daniel L. Miller said...
> Some time ago, I remember reading about an older operating system - and 
> now I can't remember the name or where I found it.  I believe I stumbled 
> onto it from a link when I was exploring the Hurd/Mach alternatives to 
> Linux.  A key item was that at a some show, possibly Comdex, the booth 
> for this operating system was located near Novell's, and the reps would 
> take turns gleefully kicking the power cord of the socket, the plugging 
> it back in and having the system come back almost instantaneously - 
> since it saved its state continuously to disk.  The Novell people were - 
> a trifle upset.
> Does anyone have any idea about what this operating system was/is or 
> have a link I can visit?

I believe this may be Eros - http://www.eros-os.org/ .

There was a recent slashdot article about its successor, Coyotos -

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