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Re: es1371 unloads itself?

Carl Fink wrote:
Seems unlikely, but on my Sarge system, I played a movie using vlc,
and another using totem.  When I tried to play a clip using totem an
hour or so later, I got the infamous "sox: Can't open output file
'/dev/dsp': No such device" error.  A search of Google Groups turned
up the possibility that my card driver had unloaded, and it turned
out that modprobing es1371 fixed the problem.

Why and how would es1371 unload itself?

(Can we go five-for-five on nobody even responding to one of my

I don't have a clue either, but have the same sound card and was getting some strange popups like you (unable to find /dev/dsp). I needed to use alsa for some apps that I wanted to run .. since going to the alsa modules, I haven't had this problem.


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