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.xsession-errors occupying 4.7Gb


I just thought I'd mention this here for those who are not aware of it.

My disk usage has seemed to grown the last year or so and I havn't been 
able to understand what it is that takes so much space. Today I was 
playing around with 'du' and couldn't get the numbers to add up. Then I 
saw that the file ~/.xsessions-errors had grown to a huge size, about 4.7 
Gigabytes. When I finally got rid of it I freed about half the size of my 
root partition. :-)

Because this file is used by countless X applications it can't be deleted 
properly. What seems to work is this:

cat /dev/null > ~/.xsession-errors

Now I have this in a cron script run every night.

So if you are having problems with disk space, check out this file.

Best regards
Olle Eriksson

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