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Re: Sending streams stall due to bad flow control by KPPP

Brendon Lloyd Higgins wrote:

> If anyone is interested, August last year I started a thread called "(Sid)
> Net broken - Sending streams stall" about how sending files over my modem
> seemed to stall after only a few 10s of kB were sent.
> Well, after giving up for a while and using gpppon instead of KPPP as I
> would prefer, I came back and had a look at how KPPP was calling pppd. It
> turns out that even though "Hardware [CRTSCTS]" flow control was set in
> the KPPP config it would call pppd with a "xonxoff" argument. This is due
> to a bad test in connect.cpp near line 1273.

Have you filed a bug report, attaching your patch?


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