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Re: performance problem

tobias wrote:

> recently I decided to switch from fedora to Debian Sarge. The
> installation via the netinstall disk image went through smoothly and I
> am a happy new Debain user now.


> But: there is a strange performance problem which wasn't there before.
> Using Gnome or KDE every couple of seconds the mouse poiner "stumbles",
> regardless if I use a USB or ps/2 device. There is also a short delay
> moving windows or even displaying text while typing. Moreover smooth
> playing of mp3s is not possible - seems to be the same problem.

> On fedora, there was a 2.4 kernel, now it's 2.6.8. Naively, I would
> expected a performance gain. 

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-common

Specify "0" as the nice value for the X server to use.


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