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C-media CM8738 gameport troubles

I recently picked up a MS Sidewinder 3d pro ($4.95 from Goodwill :) ) and 
decided to see if I could get it working, but I've run into some 
difficulties making linux see my gameport.  

System specs:

Asus A7V266 with on-board C-media CM8738-M6 (rev 10)
self-compiled kernel 2.6.6 with alsa and joystick stuff as modules
Debian Sid (a few months out of date, unfortunately)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I can tell, the gameport is supposed 
to work, with the joydev, ns558, and sidewinder modules. ns588, however, 
won't load: 

# modprobe ns558
FATAL: Error inserting ns558 
(/lib/modules/2.6.6/kernel/drivers/input/gameport/ns558.ko): No such 

Which led me to believe that I have a config problem further down the line 
somewhere, perhaps the alsa driver.  The snd_cmipci module has a 
joystick_port option which I believe I turned on with the 'options 
snd-cmipci joystick_port=1' line in /etc/modutils/alsa.

jstest and "cat /dev/input/js0" still say "No such device", however, and I 
don't where to look next.  I'm obviously missing something, but there are 
too many darn config files. :^)  Does anyone else have pointers as to 
what's wrong or where I should look for more information?

"Today's robots are very primitive, capable of understanding only a few 
simple instructions such as 'go left', 'go right', and 'build car'."  - 
John Sladek

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