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Re: How do I accomplish this

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 20:15:26 -0800
"Rodney D. Myers" <rdmyers@MtPalomar.net> wrote:

> My friend has Verizon DSL, with a funky modem (don't have that info
> handy), and every once in a while the stupid piece of hardware locks
> up.
> Since Verizon does not "support" linux, we need to boot his
> daughters windos XP machine to run "ipconfig /RELEASE", etc.
> Is there a way to get any linux command to simulate this command &
> actions?
> Thanks 

Thanks to William & Gene..

I'll have both of these printed out, so on Monday I can try them out.

BTW, they do  have a firewall/router installed between the modem & the
home computers. It just doesn't reset the stupid piece of hardware..

Again, thanks

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