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Re: dispatch my mail

Sridhar M.A. a écrit :

On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 03:24:44AM +0100, Stevan Kanban wrote:
> > Now, how to move them my mails that are in debian in the
  > corresponding subdirectory applying my procmail rules. I cannot use
  > formail because i use the Maildir format.  Any idea?
> One.

If you use mutt, try this:
  1. Tag all messages

  2. Then bounce all of them to user@localhost

  3. Procmail should do the rest

If everything went well, the tagged messages can just be deleted.


Michelle Konzack from the french list has given me the right answer to this problem.
I haven't checked your solution but it seems to me that:
-> it will add lines in my headers
-> if i use replies i will recieve 2 mails instead of 1
-> i will have to take a risk to remove by hand some mails that would not be forwarded by procmail.
Do you use your method or it was a kind of suggestion?

Move mails into "$HOME/Maildir/.0_tdformail" and run the following script

 ____( '/home/michelle.konzack/bin/tdformail' )________________________
| #!/bin/bash
| | BASEDIR=$HOME/Maildir/0_tdformail | | let X=1
| for i in `find $BASEDIR -type f` ; do
|     echo -n $X" : "
|     cat $i | formail -ds procmail
|     # CAREFULL: here the files are deleted
|     rm -f $i
|     let X=$X+1
| done

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