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Re: How can I edit Application menu to execute newly downloaded programs?

On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 06:02:44PM +0900, Wathavy wrote:
> Hi, wathavy again.
> Thank you to all, somehow I am gaining forward.
> I got a minor trouble of losing Mozilla.
> It stalls when I press menu.
> I have downloaded Fire Fox already and I can loanch it
> by clicking one file through File manager, not via menu.
Hi Wathavy,
do you have a 'debian menu'? That is where it should be.
But it may also be in another menu. It depends on which windowmanager
you use. Kde or gnome? They have different menus.

> I also noticed there is another browser which starts
> automatically by clicking html file link but I have
> no idea how to explicitly start it.

The windowmanagers like kde and gnome have a 'default' application that
runs when you click on an icon in a file manager. the 'control panel'
usually has a setting to change this.

> Would anyone tell me how to let me edit application menu
> to let me start a specific program I down loaded and 
> installed, say for example Fire Fox's case?

You may have to 'logout' of the windowmanager for the menu option to
show up. Wait I forgot about 'update-menus'. I think you need to run
that program to fix the menu problem. do 'man update-menus'.

> Thank you for your attention.
> Sincerely.
> Wathavy.
> Bye.
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