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Re: New Sarge install


Still useing Pine, best IMAP client ever..

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005, Tom Connolly wrote:

> Hello list,
> I am new to Linux and have some questions about a new install of Sarge.
> I come from FreeBSD so I do have some familiarity with Unix operating
> systems (Unix-like in the case of Linux).  I am currently downloading
> all the ISO's of the "testing" branch via Jigsaw Download.  I believe
> there is 14 disks in all.  The questions I have are:
> The "testing" branch should give me Sarge correct?
> Does Sarge come with the 2.4 kernel or 2.6?  I couldn't get a definitive
> answer to this question on the web.
> If so, does the distro provide a fairly painless upgrade path to 2.6,
> i.e. is there a 2.6 package?

> Are there any "gotchas" with the install that I should be aware of?  I
> am installing a dual boot with FreeBSD on a Dell Latitude C600 laptop.

There is no problem usually to dual boot linux/linux linux/window, dont
know about FreeBSD, but if U also use Lilo as boot loader there is no
prob. Best then is probably to install and partition the HD first with
debian, edit lilo with entry for FreeBSD and then install the second os.
this is the way I do it when dualboot, either with another linux dist og
Sometimes the installation of the second os can overwrite lilo, but there
is no problem booting up with the installation cd and run lilo again.

> Why are there 14 disks in the Sarge distro and only 7 in the Woody
> distro?  What are the extra disks for?
> I have been able to find some very helpful information via Google with
> regards to Debian, installation, packages, etc but the above questions
> are still lingering.  Your help is appreciated.
> Regards,
> Thomas

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