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Re: Re: garbage on screen when in text mode

Hello, Ollie,

Thanks for your suggestion, but I am a little leary of running it - the
blurb in dselect says that it only works with *some* video hardware, and
to use with caution. My stuff is quite old, and I am afraid of breaking

What are your thoughts about this?

Thanks, Allasso 

Ollie wrote:

If it is just that the video mode isn't reset to what it should be I can 
recommend this little tool.

- apt-get install svgalib-bin
- Reboot and then run 'savetextmode' to save the current video mode.
- Whenever there is a problem thereafter, just run 'textmode' to restore 
the video mode.

Works for me.


On Monday 24 January 2005 14.40, Allasso wrote:
>   Hello,
> I recently installed X-Windows on a Debian Woody install that was
> working just fine. After installing X, whenever I switch to text mode,
> I get a screen full of garbage characters (characters are scattered and
> misplaced on the screen).
> I had this same thing happen a year and a half ago after installing RH
> 8.0. RH tech support told me how to fix it, and it worked, but that was
> loooooong ago. I vaguely remember editing a script in one of the X
> files or something like that.
> Seems like X has something to do with all this. Any of this ring a
> bell? Know how to fix?
> Thanks, Allasso

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