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No "desktop environment" option for sarge 25-Jan-2005 & exim4 hangs at boot for minutes

Hi all!

I just tried to install sarge (version 25-Jan-2005), but there was no
option "desktop environment" to choose. Just "web server", "mail
server" and so on.
So I tried the previous weeks version of sarge 17-Jan-2005 and the
option was there.
I've read that in the past the "desktop environment" was missing
sometimes due a broken package.
Is this the case again ? I hope so, because otherwise many people
would be lost installing the desktop environment by hand.

My second question is not that important, but just annoying:
During boot, exim4 hangs for minutes doing nothing. I've googled and
found that it might be due the missing network connection, which is
established later in my case, but no solution. I tried to add the
hostname to in /etc/hosts but no avail.
What is exim4 trying to do and how can it be made more speedy ?

Thanks a lot & best regards,

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