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Re: Accessability problem/opportunity

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 06:27 pm, Tom Allison wrote:
> My wife has a homework project (School of Ed.) that has fallen squarely
> on my lap.  And it's so cool that I would pass it along.  It's due Monday.
> The assignment originally was written around Windows and Mac but she got
> an extension to apply it to Linux as there isn't anything else here and
> the teacher thought it would be "uber-cool".
> Here's the deal:
> Accessability (handicap accessability - any handicaps) features of the
> operating system.  What does the OS offer and how does it "test drive".
> I did a quick search on a few items and found a metric ton of options
> under linux but have no idea of their suitability (are they Alpha, Beta,
> Stable).  I hope someone has some relevant experiences relating to this
> issue as I'm not sure I can weed through everything in the time
> available.  There's a lot of software out there.
> For speed, I'm going to be preferentially leaning towards Debian
> packages as that's what I have installed.  But there are some that
> appear worth playing with, like 'morseall' which is a morse key
> accessable shell (mouse button or similar).
> Now my wife has added an additional assignment for me (and you?).  Can I
> come up with a practical "Top Ten Reasons" list of features/advantages
> of Linux over other alternatives.  Yes, I am planning on putting Cost as
> one of them.  Oh yeah, and one of the teachers works for Northville
> Public Schools.
> For starters, I think one of the features that seems to be very
> extensive is the variants of emacspeak and other Auditory aides.  Not
> sure what other types of Accessability utilities might exist, but that
> would be a great start, just getting a list of what's practical.

There is Oralux, a "bootable" Debian (Knoppix) based distribution that 
automatically configures and runs Emacspeak Audio Desktop and Yasr.  It work 
very well!  


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