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Re: Lost MIDI after upgrade to sarge

Seeker5528 wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 07:59:13 -0500
> Spongebob <NadaSpam@adelphia.net> wrote:
>> My sound was working fine until I upgraded to sarge and got a problem
>> with alsa. I have audio, but no midi.
> For starters verify that awesfx is installed and read the readme.Debian
> file in /usr/share/doc/awesfx.
> Unless there is some odd problem that should give you all the information
> you need.
> Later, Seeker

sfxload chaos-12MB.sf2
No AWE synth device is found

Do I need to compile it into the kernel? Doesn't this come with all of the 
emu10k1 (snd_emu10k1, etc.)?

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