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Re: routing table problem after power failure (sarge)

On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 08:54:30PM +0100, Corné Jannemans wrote:
> One little problem remains: when I enable eth1 in the auto section of 
> /etc/network/interfaces and reboot, I can't do nslookups any more. But the 
> /etc/resolv.conf is still not overwritten.
> I think i'll decide to not use eth1, only eth0 (100Mbit). That would be 
> enough for a LAN with 3 windows clients, all 100Mbit.
> Corné


this would need deeper investigation... are you familiar with tcpdump?
I could tell you a nameserver where I could tcpdump also, so we could
watch on both ends via which interface the packets leave your box, when
they arrive, and what path they take back to you...

However, won't post IPs to a public list. ;-)

Jan C. Nordholz
<jckn At gmx net>

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