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ide-atapi tape drive and device files

I have a travan ide-atapi tape drive that's recognized by the kernel
as /dev/hdd, but when I try to access it with one of the mt commands:

	mt -f /dev/ht0 status

I get this response:

	mt: /dev/ht0: No such file or directory

If I substitute hdd for ht0, I get this response:

	mt: /dev/hdd is not a character special file

There is no device ht0 in my /dev directory.  I ran the script MAKEDEV,
following some hints in the
file  /usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.27/Documentation/ide.txt, but that
didn't seem to do the job either.  I'm running Debian testing here.  Can
anyone point me to some documentation that'll tell me how to create the
device ht0, and allow me to access an ide-atapi tape drive seen as hdd
by the kernel?  Thanks.

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