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Re: Setting up very restricted accounts

Dnia wtorek, 25 stycznia 2005 11:13, Bob Alexander napisał:
> My Debian machine has a dual boot setup with GRUB.
> It boots by default Debian but GRUB also has a choice at the bottom for XP.
> XP is there mostly for my children games.
> I would like to setup things so that in case they poweron the machine
> and do not select XP in time and end up at the GDM screen, their userid
> and password will just reboot the machine (they are both used to typing
> their userid and password even the 5 yr old :->).
> What is the simplest way to do so or any pointers to doc ?

First of all you can change the default boot entry to your XP.
You can think about grub-reboot script as a new shell. Like add a script which 
executes grub-reboot with your XP entry as a parameter. Next you have to do 
is add user with this superb shell. I think it might work.

Regards. Lech.

Lech Karol Pawłaszek <ike>
"You will never see me fall from grace..." [KoRn]

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