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How to move personal gnome menus to another computer?


I have tried to copy my gnome setup (debian testing, gnome 2.8) from one computer to another, and most things are ok, but my personal menu under Applications is empty. I had created a multi-layer menu with loads of customised launchers, but they don't show up on the new computer, except as empty folders.

I have copied .gnome2 .gnome2_private .gconf .gconfd .local and several other directories to the other computer, but my sub-menu under applications is empty, except for sub-sub-menus which are also empty. The overall menu structure is there, but there's nothing else in the menus. Also, the personal menus do not have the correct icons, most of them standard icons.

It seems the menus are specified in .gnome2/vfolders/applications.vfolder-info, but copying that file by hand has no effect. I do have the right file on the new computer.

The .desktop files references from .gnome2/vfolders/applications.vfolder-info are all there.

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